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The wind skirts around Seth Yamaguchi as he walks causing his short brown hair to fly all around his face, inhibiting his sight. Gray pants are held up by a simple black belt, a silver plated buckle seeming simple yet eloquent. The collared shirt, beneath the black sweater over it, is ironed perfectly while the lapels of the collar are pressed down neatly. As he takes a turn, planning a shortcut through the park, he gives a soft shake of his head. The tresses settle down between his eyes and around the sides of his face, his index finger coming up to push his round glasses further up on the bridge of his nose.

His light brown eyes take in every detail with each step that he takes, always on high alert. He keeps track of every leave that skitters across the ground and every branch that twitches with each breeze. His instincts and intellect are a sharp as any sword, but his mind wanders down to the plain white box in his hands. Black stripes stretch diagonally all across it, not so much as hinting to what lies inside of it. Even though Seth knows, his mind isn't necessarily on the contents of the box but to whom the box is going to go to.

Not that he cares to admit that fact.

His tread stops immediately, tsk-ing at the fact that he hadn't noticed them sooner. Trimmed nails tap against the side of the box as he turns around, a slim eyebrow rising while he pushes his glasses up. "And who are you?"

The three men stand before him in the formation of a triangle; the two closer to him brandish their slim broadswords while the one farther away simply crosses his arms. Each man wears the same form of garb; form fitting white pants, a gray shirt, and a hat that hides most of their face. The two men take a step forward, the one in the back giving them a half nod to halt for the moment.

"So that's how it is..." is all Seth mumbles as he adjusts the grip on the box cradled with his left arm.

A cruel smirk curls the leader's lips, "Where's your partner? We know there are two of you."

Before Seth can so much as lift a finger, the heel of a boot slams into one of the attacker's chests, knocking them backwards as a lithe male lands on the ground like a cat jumping from a tree. The other man raises his sword, running around the slim male as he swings his blade, blinded by shock and rage.

The katana shines as its curve swings around and slams into the chest of the oncoming attacker. The man and his broadsword crumple to the ground as he turns around, short black hair billowing around his face before settling back down to cover his right eye. Single softly shaded blue streaks through his hair beside his right eye in a single stripe, the other side pushed back behind his ear, which both brandish ruby red studs. An ebony jacket rests over a white tank top, the ends of the sleeves and the collar itself being lined with the softest fur.

Long legs turn him around; black shorts ending at his thighs while ebony boots only reach up to his knees, laced tightly all the way up. The heels leave small impressions on the dirt that dusts over the sidewalk, his eyes appearing to be focused on Seth alone. His head tilts to the side, a mesmerized sort of expression on his countenance. Eyes, matching the color of the streak in his hair, widen only slightly as Seth shoves him to the side, leaving the box to drop to the ground and his glasses slipping off his face.

The leader of the attackers growls at them as his double broadswords seem to tremble in his anger. "How dare you!"


A thin line stretches over the dark haired male's cheek, red beading from it slowly. Seth reaches out towards him, the word slipping from his tongue once again. "Cinder?"

In the blink of an eye the katana slashes upward, knocking both broadswords from the leader's hands, who now takes a step back in fear. A delighted smile lifts at the corners of Cinder's lips as he takes a step forward. "Let's play~"

The tip of his katana sticks into a crack of the sidewalk, the blade swaying just as Seth grabs a hold of it. Cinder leans down and up again in one swift motion, picking up the discarded broadswords and walking forward, his heels clicking against the paved ground. He jumps forward, the heel of his boot slamming down against the leader's foot just as he shoves one hilt into his stomach and the other against the side of his head. As the man falls backward unconscious, Cinder drops the swords to the ground beside him only to head directly for the box that Seth had been carrying.

Cinder lets his attention slip briefly from the box that he has his arms wrapped around as Seth's fingers wrap around his forearm, yanking Cinder closer to him. The frustration seems to radiate from his lean frame, "You have got a serious problem! How can you let your guard down for a pair of shoes?!"

"So they are shoes!" Blue orbs slip away and back to the boots packed carefully into the box, fingers itching to pry the lid off and try them on. "Did you get these for me?"

Seth lets go of his arm and reaches over, snatching the box from his hands and beginning to walk away. However, he doesn't get far before he realizes he's missing his glasses, the familiar weight on his nose not being there. He glances over the ground to see where they could have fallen, knowing they're somewhere close. His eyes finally come to a rest at the toes of Cinder's elegant boots. Seth glares at Cinder who picks up his glasses off the ground. Cinder waves the fragile glasses at the brunet, a playful grin slipping onto his countenance once more.

Long legs take him straight back over to Seth, determined to get that box away from him. "Aw don't be mad Prince; here I got your glasses." As Seth reaches for them Cinder pulls out of the way. "Na, uh, uh~"

Just as the sing song syllables are flicked off the tip of his tongue, Cinder steps forward, the heels of his boots making him a little closer to being a match for Seth's height. He nods to the box held tightly in Seth's arms, a sweet, innocent-like smile curving his lips. Seth tilts his head away as Cinder leans in closer, giving in as he sees the slightest mark still adorning his face. He in turn leans forward, intending on pecking Cinder's cheek to make the rest of the nasty cut heal, but with the sly dark haired male turning his head, their lips connect instead.

Seth pulls away, snatching his glasses from Cinder's fingers and placing the box in his grasp instead. The brunet begins walking away instantly, pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. Cinder walks beside him, extremely pleased and overly happy of the box he's already trying to pry open as he walks. Seth glances over at him as the rummaging seems to cease, only looking away when Cinder twines their fingers together, even being careful of the plastic pinky finger on Seth's right hand.

"Thanks for the boots, Prince."
For the art-trade project thingy over at :iconthe-yaoi-harem: :D And it's for :iconbrizz:

^^; Honestly not my best work in my opinion. I wish I had gotten it done 3 weeks ago before all the crazy crap in my life happened But I hope you like it despite, the ... shortness? Eh. ^^ I'll edit if I got a detail or whatnot mixed up.

Cinder , Seth (c) *Brizz
Brizz Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011   Digital Artist
lkfnglnBAHflkgrmlrkgn;; omg

That was really adorable, I loved it! You even included all the details I put in the bios that was lovely I appreciate that you took the time to try and do that. Ahhh and the way you wrote Cinder was very cute and you captured his innocence so well ;w; Thank you for writing this so quickly

:heart: :heart: :heart:
x-chaoticdawn-x Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
^^ So glad to hear it! =) I tried to get as much in it that I could. :giggle: They were just such fun personalities to mesh together. :huggle: You're very welcome

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