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Floating on the surface of the pool Aqua’s at peace – the sounds of the world around her smothered by the water lapping up around her face. Her short light blue hair flaring out around her head matches, not only her eyes, but her bathing suit as well. The two piece bikini isn’t new or over the top, but accents the curves leading from her amble bust to her butt. However, it all provides much more coverage around both areas.

The serenity of drifting in the water by the use of nothing but her body blocks out any disturbances. Helping is the fact that their neighbors, divided by brown private fence, are absent this afternoon. All there is is their white two story house with navy trim. After all, she plans to enjoy the last day of summer to the fullest for despite the blazing sun above the tree line; one can still feel the presence of fall in the air. Alas today would be her last day to enjoy the water for her partner had already decided to begin preparation for the six foot in-ground pool to be taken care of for the coming months.

From the house comes a tall female with lightly sun-kissed skin. Her own two-piece bathing suit consists of a top tied behind her neck and bottoms tied at her hips in the deepest color of black. Long pink hair falls over her shoulder while the bangs dip closely to her blue eyes. As she walks over to the two lounge chairs with a small wrought iron table in the middle, she carries a simple white platter with fruit on it; slice of orange, pieces of watermelon, and strawberries. Setting it on the table’s glass top, she strides over to the edge of the pool, watching as Aqua floats in the water alongside the rafts they use.

Lightning flicks her fingers in the water, aiming the droplets at Aqua but missing slightly. “Hey,” she calls out with no avail – the girl trapped inside her own little world. A pleasant sigh brushes over her pale lips as she sits down on the edge. Her legs slip into the water with few ripples rushing out until she stretches one leg towards Aqua – just able to brush her toes over the girl’s head

In response, the blue haired female sinks under the water only to pop back up. “Sorry.” She makes her way towards Lightning as said woman rises from her place. “What did you grab?”

Glancing over her shoulder, Lightning smiles – one of those rare ones that makes the other girl melt. “Just whatever fruit we had.”

Aqua lifts herself out of the water and kneels on the edge. Her eyes watch as Lightning strides back over to the lounge chairs. Pale cheeks tint a light pink as she stands up, walking over to the other chair and snatching up her white towel. She wraps it around her and sits down on the chair opposite of Lightning. Grapping up a piece of watermelon her eyes glance up at Lightning.

The woman raises an eyebrow at her while picking up a small strawberry. “What’s with the towel?” Aqua clutches the thick material closer around her body, attempting to think up some explanation. However, she’s not given the chance as Lightning stands up and walks over to her, bending slightly. A quick kiss on the cheek is all she gives before taking a bite out of the fruit and leaving the rest on the platter. “Getting back in?”

Lightning stands back up and heads to the pool’s edge. Floating close to it is a medium-sized, long raft big enough for one but sturdy enough to hold two without sinking. She tugs it closer and settles down onto the plastic; lying on her back with her feet touching the perimeter of the pool, preparing to push away from it. However, she stops at the sight of Aqua slowly rising to her feet. Despite being one of bravest and friendliest people she knows, Lightning has discovered that in her presence the woman tends to be a little shy.

This is why it surprises her to see Aqua drape the damp towel over the chair and hurriedly pad over to where she rests on the raft. Her skin slightly sticks to the plastic as she moves to make sure she’s comfortable; assuming the blue haired girl will want to slip into the water and that’ll she’ll have to push off the edge to allow her to do so. Yet as Aqua moves closer she kneels down to pull Lightning’s raft closer to the edge. Positioning it so that it’s vertical to the edge, she settles down on top of Lightning.

At first the stoic woman grunts softly but as Aqua stretches they become comfortable once more. Lightning slips both legs off either side so that she can paddle them away as well as allowing Aqua to settle between her legs and rest her head on the pink haired girl’s chest. Lightning winds hers over the shorter girl’s shoulders while Aqua stretches hers up to cross around Lightning’s chest, a makeshift pillow. Neither could be happier as the breeze pushing against them – leaving ripples in the water as Lightning steers them in slow circles, smiles on both their faces.

Entry for the contest at :iconyaoi-yuri-nirvana:

Fandom: FF13 x KH
Pairing: Lightning x Aqua

T^T I rewrote and replanned so many times - not to mention changing the pairing. >.> Curses.
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ShadowMan-DDT Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I love Aqua, especially when she's with another girl.
x-chaoticdawn-x Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2012
I completely agree~!
Malice-and-love Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
... I like this couple. :eyes:
x-chaoticdawn-x Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012
:eyes: Very good~
Andu1991 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
If it wasn't for you i wouldn't even have thought about them as a couple but well you really made them sound good together xD
But What I'm wondering about is, are they together or are they not or does aqua simply love Light and is afraid to tell her so?
You really a great at writing this, please go on ^^
x-chaoticdawn-x Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
^//^ Oh thank you, that does mean a lot.
I guess I can leave that up to you and everyone else's interpretation. c: In my mind they're together but I can see where it would go very well if they weren't just yet.
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